This YELP review from Valerie C was posted to the MedicareQuick YELP site on 11/14/2015.

Since I stopped advertising with YELP, my reviews have been disappearing.

So because of that, I'm having actors portray the YELP reviews that I've received so that my clients do not get discouraged that they tried to tell people about how we've helped them with their Medicare Insurance and the reviews somehow go away.   As of today, this review is still on the site.

Here's what the YELP review from Valerie C said:


Kathe is very nice, responsive and is extremely knowledgeable about medicare. She will work with you to get the right plan for your individual needs and knows her way around the system so can make educated decisions. If she can't help you for any reason she will find someone that can. Thanks Kathe for helping me with my parents.

I'll be adding more YELP review actor portrayals over the next few weeks.  I have 23 reviews to date, and YELP has taken down three of them since I stopped advertising.  The last one, which was up for over 7 months, was taken down last week.

Why did I stop advertising with YELP?

YELP does not have a category for MEDICARE, and most of the calls that I got were for people who were not Medicare – eligible.   Although I love using YELP (I actually review a lot of businesses personally) I've always taken the time to review the “not recommended” reviews to see what people said.  And, I've always read what people said because sometimes a restaurant gets a bad review because of someone sitting next to them, or because you an tell that the reviewer is just a mean person from reading their other reviews.

So over the next few weeks, I'll be adding actor portrayals of my YELP reviews.   I hope you enjoy them.

And thank you, Valerie C, for posting this review for MedicareQuick, a San Diego Insurance Broker.

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