Will Walmart Health host your next doctor’s appointment?

Walmart just launched something pivotal that might pave the way for a new healthcare delivery system. They recently launched a new healthcare clinic called Walmart Health in Dallas, Georgia.

This 10,000 square foot facility (large enough to accommodate a lot of patients) connects to the main Walmart store.  It has a separate entrance to give privacy to patients coming in for a checkup.

Patients can easily access whatever health problems they need in this all-in-one health clinic. And if it becomes a success, it might expand into home healthcare services.  Or even mobile units that offer specialty services like dermatology or women’s health care. They expect the clinic to expand to meet the needs of baby boomers, Generation X, millennials and generations to come.

If Walmart offers home healthcare, this could change the way we receive Medicare-related services.

Although Walmart has previously opened clinics in its retail locations in Texas, South Carolina, and Georgia, this new facility differs as it caters to Primary Care and mental health.  It also offers dental and vision care, hearing, x-rays, health education, and wellness programs, among other services. Patients can set up appointments through their website, Walmarthealth.com.  However, if you’re nearby and feel the need to have a checkup, they also accept walk-ins.

Walmart Health

Health Care Costs Inside the Walmart Clinic

The Walmart health clinic offers a low, holistic, affordable pricing, providing great accessibility to everyone, but still delivers high-quality care patients deserve. Insured or uninsured, they provide transparent pricing for everyone.

Medicare Services and Prices

Office Visit


Annual Checkup

$30 (Adult) / $20 (Youth)

Chronic Condition

$40 (New of Returning Patient)

DOT Physical


Medicare Wellness Visit


Pre-Employment Physical


Sick or Injury Visit

$40 (New or Returning Patient)

Sports, School or Camp Physical


TB Screening


Lipid Test


A1C Test


Pregnancy Test


Stitches (Average price, cost varies case-by-case)


These prices are the estimated prices shown on their website and in this PDF

Counseling Services

New Patient Therapy Intake (60 minutes)


Individual Counseling, Existing Patient (45 minutes)


For pet lovers, they also care for your pet’s health with services that include immunizations for as low as $25. They also accept many of the large health insurance and traditional Medicare.

Walmart Health Care Clinic Staff

Walmart PractitionersThe new health clinic is staffed with doctors, nurse practitioners, dentists, optometrists, and behavioral health providers. Walmart Health hosts and community health workers are on hand to help clients navigate their visit and assist with services and resources. You can bundle your services too, in order for them to take care of several needs during the visit.

What Will It Hold in the Future

Health care is a big issue in our country. Walmart Health has affordable pricing that other competitors cannot bring to the market. With its price transparency, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.  Will Medicare beneficiaries flock to Walmart Health?  You tell me.

Let me know in the comments below if you are looking forward to a Walmart Health near you.

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