What is the Medicare Summary Notice?

If you are on Medicare, you will get a Medicare Summary Notice if you have used any benefits during the quarter. This document is most similar to the EOB, or “Explanation of Benefits” that people who are on a group or individual insurance plan get. However, the Medicare Summary Notice is a little different from the EOB.

First of all, the Summary Notice comes on a quarterly basis, not on a monthly basis like the EOB. You will also not receive a Medicare Summary Notice if you did not receive any benefits during the quarter.

Additionally, there are two parts to the Medicare Summary Notice

The Part A Medicare Summary and the Medicare Part B Summary Notice.

The Medicare Part A Summary notice gives only a short summary of any hospital overnight stays and also hospice care that you have received during the quarter. It will not provide a breakdown of every charge like the EOB will. Also, if you have had more than one hospital stay within a 60-day period, ti will be included in the same benefit period.

If you want to receive more information about your stay, you can do so by creating an account on http://mymedicare.gov. Once you have created your account you can:

*Order another Medicare Card
*Access Resources such as the Medicare And You handbook
*Obtain the status of your Part A and Part B deductibles
*Track your claims
*Create a prescription list
*obtain detailed information regarding your Part A charges
*Chat online with a representative
*And more!

The Part B Notice is more detailed and provides a breakdown of any benefits you have used during the quarter including:
*Provider Visits
*Outpatient Surgeries
*Observation Only hospital stays (even though these are hospital stays, they are listed under Part B)
*Pre-Operation Hospital Visits
*And more!

The Medicare Summary Notice is not a bill.

You will receive a separate bill from your providers. We suggest that you review your Medicare Summary Notice and notate anything that looks suspicious or unusual. Ask your provider what these items are, and if you do not receive a good answer, notify Medicare. We can all keep the Medicare program strong by helping prevent waste, fraud, and abuse of the Medicare system.

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