Enrolling in Medicare?

Congratulations! You’ve signed up for Medicare! You’ve successfully managed the http://Medicare.gov or http://SocialSecurity.gov website (or perhaps you signed up a more old-fashioned way) and received your Red White and Blue Medicare Card.

Here are the Top 7 things you need to do after enrolling in Medicare:

1.  Consider ID theft:

Some safety gurus suggest the following: Making a copy of your card and put the original in your safe. Then on the copy, black out the first five numbers of your Medicare ID, laminating the copy, and then put the original in your safe. This way you will still have the original if someone needs it, but won’t be carrying your Social Security Number around in your wallet.

(Note starting in the year 2019 this is no longer necessary.  However, be sure and destroy your old card that has your Social Security number on it and start using your new Medicare card that was sent in 2019.)

2.  After enrolling in Medicare, be sure to see if you qualify for Medicare Extra Help.

This is much easier to qualify than Medicaid/Medi-Cal and can help you pay for your medications. If you need help with this, contact our office at 866-445-6683

3.  Review your financial and health situation to see if you need a Medicare Supplement Plan or a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Not having a plan can subject you to unlimited costs if you wind up in the hospital or get sick. When enrolling in Medicare, be sure to sign up for the plan within the prescribed time period allowed.

4.  When enrolling in Medicare, be sure to review your situation to see if you need a Prescription Drug Plan.

Sign up within the time period allowed to avoid a penalty. If you do not have coverage through an employer or Veteran’s plan, you may want to enroll, even if you do not currently take any drugs as the penalties add up fast.

5.  Schedule your Welcome to Medicare” Health Screening with your Doctor and actually go to your Welcome to Medicare Doctor’s appointment.

6.  Review what your doctor has told you and take any steps to improve your health if necessary.

7.  Enjoy your new plan! You’ve earned it!

If you haven’t yet enrolled in Medicare, be sure and get your free copy of our 12 step guide to enrolling in Medicare.

For more information or help navigate the ABCs of Medicare, call us at 866-445-6683 or contact us here.



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