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Introduction to your Medicare Teacher from Kathe Kline

You could start by researching everything yourself, but that could take HOURS. I’ve consolidated the information so that get up to speed on what’s important to you quickly.

Don’t waste your time trying to get this information on your own…

Making Medicare Decisions gives you the important information you need to know to decide between Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans.

Don’t worry though, if you want a deeper dive, we have content that gives you additional information too.

You CAN do this!  This free course makes it easy.

It’s true!  You can save yourself time and aggravation!

Yes, you COULD spend four to ten hours searching for this information yourself. You could attend countless sales presentations that require you to drive across town and fight for parking.

Or you can take this free course from the comfort and privacy of your own home.  In 20 minutes you’ll understand more about Medicare than you will in one of those three hour classes.

I’ve done the work for you.  I’ve researched the differences between the two types of plans, and I’ll lay it out for you in an easy to understand format.  There are some new vocabulary words, but don’t worry, I’ll explain what they mean.

Enroll in the course today! You’ll get the information you need without pressure or “advice” from a Medicare Insurance Sales Representative. And if you want to speak with a broker, I’m happy to help you as well or refer you to someone who is licensed in your state.

Katherine Kline is Medical Insurance Licensed in the states of California, Florida, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Medicare Advantage and PDP service areas apply. California Insurance License 0797566 Neither MedicareQuick nor its agents is connected with the Federal Medicare Program.


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What it’s like to work with us:  just a few of our testimonials:

Kathe is in a word, FANTASTIC!  Even in the midst of coming to grips with the fact that I was turning 65 (aargh, still hard to believe!), Kathe was a wonderful navigator through the complex, turbulent waters of Medicare, which I SO appreciate!  I would highly recommend Kathe to anyone who needs help getting Medicare.  – Jim L (Encinitas, CA)


Working in the senior industry I have met many an insurance agent.  I met Kathe several years ago and always knew that when the time came to sign up for Medicare she would be my go-to.  She is a very professional business woman with an extensive knowledge of Medicare and all of its complexities.  She helped me to understand what exactly I would need and all of my options.  Having her guidance gave me great confidence in my decisions.  And she’s so nice, did I say that?  -Jeanne H  (Carlsbad, CA)


We received a high recommendation from a health person to contact Kathe Kline for help concerning medical insurances & future resources for our loved ones recently placed in a retirement home. I can easily say, it was one of the best things we did! Kathe is a literal fountain of information, & all good! She recommended a good elder care attorney, & he ended up being a wonderful help to us. She has always been available for us with our questions that have come up from time to time. In the maze of confusion & uncertainty when trying to do your best for your family member needing care, it is, indeed, a long & hard battle trying to get good, clear information –
especially when trying to muddle your way through insurances, Medicare, etc. etc. We cannot thank Kathe enough for her help; I know she will continue to be there if we need more.  – Judy F (Solana Beach, CA)


This year I was faced with changing my elderly mother’s insurance. She had the same insurance plan for 15 years and I was very intimated trying to wade through the myriad selections of insurance plans and coordinating her Medicare benefits. It was keeping me awake at night. I dragged my feet as long as possible until a good friend referred me to Kathe Kline, recommending that I not even
try to go it alone because it had become so complex. From the time I contacted Kathe, my worries were over. She linked our computers together so I was seeing what she was talking about, she knew her facts inside and out, and I followed the few instructions that I needed to take care of on my end. The rest she handled for me and my Mom had her insurance needs met and on time.  Can’t thank Kathe enough for taking this burden off my shoulders. It is hard being the only caregiver without shouldering the nightmare of Medicare and today’s insurance providers.  – Jillian H (Fallbrook, CA)


Kathe Kline is the consummate professional! As a retired investment/insurance professional I wanted someone who was up on the current changes in Medicare and maintained the same high standards I had. Kathe turned out to exceed my wildest expectations. Integrity, efficiency, knowledge and understanding turned out to be just a few of the words that could be used to describe her. If you
want a honest comparison of what is not only available to you but is best suited for your individual needs speak with Kathe. Even if you decide, for whatever reason, not to go with Kathe you will know you received the very best counsel you could get. There are still insurance professionals I can respect and most certainly Kathe is at the highest level.   – Steve G (Carlsbad, CA)


Kathe helped my brother and I get my Mom re-signed up for a Medicare plan. Thank goodness for Kathe! We needed help quick, before the enrollment period ended, and she was there for us, helping us to find a plan that fit my Mom’s needs. She is very knowledgeable about Medicare, and that’s not easy! Medicare is really complicated, but Kathe makes sure her clients get the scoop about the system. She is very patient and professional. We will certainly be  calling her again if/when we need further help.  Patti G (Oakland, CA)


I had the pleasure of speaking to Kathe yesterday. She has more background and knowledge of Medicare than anyone I have spoken to regarding my unusual situation (and there have been quite a few). She gave freely of her time even though (here was to be no financial reward for her (as I have to work through my former employer). If anyone needs assistance navigating the Medicare system, I’d recommend Kathe in a heartbeat!  – Kathy B (Fallbrook, CA)


Kathe Kline has been awesome to work with. I live in Austin, TX and my parents are in San Diego. Kathe has successfully helped me navigate the transfer of my aging mother off of (redacted) and onto Medicare plus a Medicare/Medigap Supplement Plan F, using specific provisions that didn’t require cumbersome health underwriting for her to be approved. Other insurance reps/ financial planners were not aware the specific rules Kathe tapped to help make this insurance transition possible AND easy. Kathe was aware of all the Medicare
technicalities, and provided me with every answer I needed in a timely and efficient manner. She gave me great financial advice and helped me navigate the entire process (I have worked in a medical office handling insurance for 5 years, and can confirm that Kathe knows what she is doing!) If you are an adult child helping your aging parents navigate the insurance and financial world would, Kathe is the resource you need!  – Anne S (Austin, TX)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you need my email address?  Am I going to get SPAM?

We need your name and email address to offer access to the classes.  We will send you 3-5 emails when you first sign up to make sure that you are understanding the material.  After that, you’ll be added to the same monthly newsletter that our clients get.  And we will never sell your information to anyone.  Period.   We hate SPAM too.  Oh, and by the way, if you ever want to stop getting our monthly newsletter, just let us know and we’ll remove you immediately.

  • Can I share the classes with a friend?

Sure!  We want as many people to be able to get the information as possible.  We just ask that you don’t copy our materials since they are proprietary.  Kathe spent many hours creating these for people who needed it, not so that other insurance agents could benefit from her hard work.

  • I hear that Kathe is still a Financial Adviser.  Can I hire her by the hour to assist me with my Medicare Decisions?

No, unfortunately since she is licensed to sell certain Medicare related plans, she’s prohibited from charging a fee for advice on them. (Even in states where she’s not licensed to sell insurance.) That’s why these classes are free.

  • After I take the classes can I talk to someone if I still need help?

Yes, if you are in a state that Kathe is licensed in, you can schedule a phone appointment to discuss your situation.  If you are in a state that she’s not licensed in, she’ll put you in touch with a licensed broker in your state.

  • I have another agent that I’m working with.  Do I have to work with Kathe after taking the classes?

Of course not!  You are under no obligation to call us or work with us after taking the classes.  They are our gift to you.

  • What are the currently available classes?

1.  Making Medicare Decisions:  Our flagship video class is called Making Medicare Decisions and gives you the Pros and Cons of the two basic types of Medicare Insurance Plans.

2.  Does the Perfect Medicare Insurance Plan Exist?  This is a PDF that explores whether there is a perfect plan.

3.  7 1/2 Minutes to Finding Your Cheapest Drug Plan.  This video class shows you how to use the website and your own medication list to find out which plan is the least expensive plan for you.

4.  Annual Review of Drug Plans.  This video class shows you how to take the information that you gathered in #3 and update it during the Annual Enrollment Period in order to make sure that your drug plan still meets your needs.

5.  Avoiding ID theft when your Medicare Card has your Social Security Number on it:  This video class shows you what you can do to protect your identity from being stolen.

*We have more classes that are being created and will be adding them when they are ready. For most, this is plenty, as many people have what they need after reviewing “Making Medicare Decisions”.

  • Why are these classes free?

Our Founder, Kathe Kline, was a financial adviser (over 25 years!) and saw that many people who purchase an additional plan to cover their Medicare needs didn’t understand the difference between Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans. Her own husband has to pay a penalty because he didn’t fully understand the program.   She wanted to help people across the nation empower themselves.

That being said, she also sells Medicare Insurance in certain states.  She’s hoping that if you get value out of the classes you’ll give her the opportunity to help you when it is time to take the next step, and actually find out about specific plans.

In any regard, we hope that you get what you need out of these classes so that you can make a wise and informed decision.



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