Review by Elaine D on YELP that was taken down about a month later after MedicareQuick stopped advertising on YELP:

The review by Elaine D was recorded by a professional actor, but he was acting out the actual review that MedicareQuick received by her on YELP on 11/18/2015.   

” I recently met with Kathy about enrolling in Medicare and choosing a Part B plan that best would suit my needs.  I was completely clueless as to how it all worked.  I met with Kathy and she completely explained the process and helped me make the best choices for me.
Whenever I have had a question, she takes the time to make sure I fully understand. If I call her office and leave a message, she promptly returns my call.  I can't say enough about Kathy, other than I “highly recommend” her services.  You won't be disappointed.”

Below is an actor portrayal of her review:

Please keep in mind that this review by Elaine D was not edited by MedicareQuick.

We hope that you enjoy this actor portrayal of the Review by Elaine D of San Diego Medicare Insurance Broker MedicareQuick and Kathe Kline.  We were very sorry to see that it was removed by YELP after we stopped advertising.

We love YELP, but they do not have a way of separating Medicare from regular Medical Insurance, and we were getting a lot of calls from people we cannot help.  Additionally, for some reason they send people from Oceanside to Orange County brokers.  Most people that we know in Oceanside would rather stay in San Diego county and not go to Orange County.  We mentioned this to YELP several times but they told us that their algorithm could not be changed.  After all, Oceanside is in San Diego County, not Orange County, so why refer people who are looking for Medicare to Orange County?  It's all an unknown at this point.

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