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Sheryl Nance-Nash of Reader’s Digest has written an article on 13 Things Medicare Won’t Tell You and I was glad to be part of the contribution for the article.

Medicare provides health coverage for than 57 million people—it’s a godsend, but it can be a challenge to navigate. Here’s some insider know-how that will help you put the Medicare pieces together…To read more of the article visit: Reader’s Digest.

Excerpts from my contribution:

Know the nuances

If you are a diabetic who uses a pump, it may be cheaper for you to get a Medicare Supplement Plan over a Medicare Advantage Plan. “Even though Medicare Supplement Plans have a monthly premium and Medicare Advantage Plans often do not, if you get the right Medicare Supplement Plan, your insulin could be covered at 100 percent,” says Kathe Kline, founder of

Another reason to switch might be if your doctor administers medicine in the office: Again, under the Medicare Supplement Plans, your meds could be completely covered. “This happened with my husband when he was getting chemotherapy,” says Kline. “His treatments were covered at 100 percent and it didn’t cost us a dime. But it doesn’t stop with chemotherapy. Many, if not most, infusion treatments are covered by Medicare and will be covered by a Medicare Supplement Plan’s Part B coverage, whereas Medicare Advantage Plans will cover them under the drug portion of the plan which could wind up costing a lot more money,” says Kline. These are the things to think about when deciding if Medicare Advantage is right for you.

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