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You may already know this, but I created an online course for people to learn more about Medicare.

It’s free, and since it’s online, your friends and family can take any of the classes any time they want.

Right now there is a short introduction about me, and then also, the following:

Online Course

  • Making Medicare Decisions 2017: What you need to know in about 20 minutes (MAPD vs Medigap)
  • 7 1/2 minutes to finding YOUR cheapest drug plan
  • Annual review of your drug plan and how to review your options each year
  • Avoiding ID theft when your Medicare card has your Social Security Number.

I’ll be creating more classes as time allows.

These courses are all FREE and anyone can enroll. They don’t have to live in California to take the classes, and they don’t have to purchase their insurance from me.

They do have to put in their name and email address, but it just goes to me, and of course, I don’t sell or share anyone’s email…EVER!

So, if you, or anyone you know, would like to check out any (or all) of the videos go to

Feel free to send to anyone who is turning 65, confused about their options, or just would like some additional information.

And if YOU have any questions, please feel free to call me at 866-445-6683.

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