2020 Finance Monthly Insurance Awards


Finance Monthly recognizes Kathe Kline Kathe as a recipient and winner of the 2020 Finance Monthly Insurance Awards. The prestigious award recognizes Kathe’s industry leadership.

Finance Monthly is a global publication delivering news, and analysis to those at the center of the corporate sector.

The Insurance Awards are dedicated to spreading inspiration across the world of insurance, and to highlight the outstanding work done by insurance professionals and companies at an international level.

The criteria used by the judging panel are as follows:

  • Supporting material, covering statements and evidence supplied
  • Amount of company growth and expansion over the last 12 months
  • Involvement in significant mergers or buy-outs
  • Recognized for innovative and strong leadership
  • Evidence of progressive leadership style
  • Development and implementation of new products and services
  • Commercial decisions driven by environmental and ethical concerns
  • Innovation in client care
  • Size (value) of involvement within transactions, deals, and cases
  • Previous accolades and entries within recognized financial and legal guides
  • Client Testimonials

With the world currently battling the novel COVID‐19 pandemic and a recession threatening the global economy, the multi-trillion dollar, high‐growth insurance industry is faced with many hurdles. However, this is an industry that has been built to help sustain organizations and people in the worst of times and the leaders behind this deserve to be recognized.