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Why Medicare Insurance help is needed, and in particular San Diego Medicare Insurance:

My name is Kathe Kline, and I created MedicareQuick because a new way of dealing with Medicare Insurance, especially San Diego Medicare Insurance, was needed. I was a Financial Planner for 25 years, and during this time I was able to help thousands of clients work toward having a financially sound future. I also was able to learn how to break complicated subjects into easily understood snippets of information.

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If you are new to Medicare, watch this video, and then feel free to go to our About Us page to learn a little bit why we help people with Medicare Insurance Planning.

Also, if you are new to Medicare, or just want an annual check up, keep in mind that we don’t just help people in San Diego, or even California; we are licensed in several states.  Give us a call at 866-445-6683 or use this form to CONTACT US.

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I have been referring to Kathe for years. Kathe is exceptional in this space because she educates people throughout the decision making process. There are so many plans and options, but choosing the wrong one can impact or even limit access to services a person may need in the near future.

Kathe knows what questions to ask, and the individual plans inside out. So doesn’t drone on about Medicare if you don’t want to know, but can succinctly tell you what you need to know. ANY time one of my clients has a Medicare question, I call Kathe!

Jonna O.

Kathe is, in a word, FANTASTIC! Even in the midst of coming to grips with the fact that I was turning 65 (aargh, still hard to believe!), Kathe was a wonderful navigator through the complex, turbulent waters of Medicare, which I SO appreciate! I would highly recommend Kathe to anyone who needs help getting on Medicare.

Jim L

Medicare Insurance Broker

Kathe is very nice, responsive and is extremely knowledgeable about medicare. She will work with you to get the right plan for your individual needs and knows her way around the system so can make educated decisions. If she can’t help you for any reason she will find someone that can. Thanks Kathe for helping me with my parents.

Valerie C

We received a high recommendation from a health care person to contact Kathe Kline for help concerning medical insurances & future resources for our loved ones recently placed in a retirement home.  I can easily say, it was one of the best things we did!  Kathe is a literal fountain of information, & all good!  She recommended a good elder care attorney, & he ended up being a wonderful help to us.  She has always been available for us with our questions that have come up from time to time.  In the maze of confusion & uncertainty when trying to do your best for your family member needing care, it is, indeed, a long & hard battle trying to get good, clear information – especially when trying to muddle your way through insurances, Medicare, etc. etc.  We cannot thank Kathe enough for her help; I know she will continue to be there if we need more.

Judy F

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